The implementation of a Product-Led Strategy might seem confusing at first. 

But, it´s much easier when you break it down.  

Here are some questions to start exploring!👇🏻

1.What´s your data acquisition strategy?  

Do you capture behavioral events to understand how your customers use your product?  

Check out these Customer Data Platforms:  

Segment, Rudderstack, Amplitude, Freshpaint, …

They collect events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.

2. Create a business case that might be a priority in your company, and it could bring faster value from your data. 

Here are some potential business cases :  

-How can you personalized journeys, on-boarding and product adoption flows for your customers, depending on the buyer persona, ICP or Customer Lifecycle?

-Which personalized in-app flows are you defining for customers who are still evaluating your product? What about your champion customers?

-How can you use customer data to identify a Health Score to improve and automate your customer success strategy?

-How can you use Product Qualified Leads (PQL) to improve your sales framework?  

3. What´s your data activation strategy?  

 On which platform would you like to activate your data?  

-In-app notifications (Appcues, UserFlow, Pendo)

-Personalization and Marketing automation (Hubspot, Salesforce)

-Lead Scoring (Hubspot, Salesforce)

-Audiences for your ADS campaign (Fb, Google).

What is your company’s approach to this Product-Led Strategy? 

Have you encountered any specific challenges or frictions during the process?

In addition, here are some other interesting questions to consider:

What are the key stages of your funnel where Product-Led Growth can improve your strategy?

What Growth initiatives are you implementing at each stage of the Customer Lifecycle?

What actions does your customer take to reduce the Time to Value?

How can you consolidate your entire tech stack to provide a single view of your customer (customer 360)?

How can you personalized journeys, on-boarding and feature adoption flows for customers?

How can you increase retention and lifetime value?

How can you use customer data to identify a

Health Score to improve customer success?

Remember. Product-led growth is not the opposite of sales-led growth.

Product-led growth is a data-driven framework.

Posted by:Fran Castillo