Are there data silos between all the tools in your company’s stack?

Think CRM, Product Analytics, Support Tickets, Email Marketing, NPS, and Revenue DATA all in one place to provide insights about Customer Health.

Our ability to use the data that we collect from customer journeys to customize the experience later would be key.

We all have data in our companies, we can see it in our databases, we analyze it, but…

How are we actually going to provide Value to customers with that data? 

What actions are being taken to proactively identify trends and leverage insights for a better Customer Experience (Onboarding, Product Adoption, Expansion, …) based on that data?

How can we use Customer 360 data to identify a Health Score to improve Customer Success and Engagement?

How can data help us deliver the right message at the right time to the right person?

Creating a Unified Customer Profile and Customer Journey in your warehouse will be key to provide a different and personalized Customer Experience.

Posted by:Fran Castillo