We design tools and frameworks to help us see the world in new ways, but they also change how we think. We shape frameworks, and in turn they shape us.

20th century approaches like design thinking, human-centered design, and jobs to be done too often look at people solely as individuals. Or, worse yet, only as consumers. They don’t consider people in relation to their communities, nature or to wider society.

What is the role of Design in this New Environment?

How can we represent Design as an Expanded Multidimensional Space ?

This might be a potencial representation of design as an expanded multidimensional space. Each vertical axis is a dimension.

Each horizontal line is a scenario of design and each of these lines represent different design approaches (executional, strategic, speculative, etc.)

*This image was generated in conversation with Jorge Camacho & Wendy L Schultz

It was a representation by using a parallel coordinates technique. It was a super fast idea, but, Let’s keep shaping new images of this m-space.

Design for Uncertainty. A further vision of design in a complex world.

Posted by:Fran Castillo