When creating digital products, I believe that incorporating new design patterns that facilitate more data transparency is crucial.

The design for data transparency is to be totally transparent to the user about the data that the company has from us and how they are going to use it.

How can brands build a new relationship of greater transparency around the data we generate when we use a certain digital service?

Using new design patterns, how will we enhance data transparency in digital product design?

What is the reason for the prevalence of Dark Patterns in design with data today? 

What new design patterns we can use, for example, to redesign a Term & Conditions or Privacy Policy beyond a checkbox?

I Agree is an artistic installation designed to challenge the way major technology companies deal with data privacy. This installation is a visual representation of the Terms & Conditions document that you must accept in order to access a certain online service. The artistic installation represents the number of characters in the Terms & Conditions documents of major applications: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.

For any company today, data is a critical asset in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. Until now, data has been the currency of exchange for using a certain service on the Internet, but now this social contract no longer suffices. Technology companies must implement new design patterns in their digital products that allow us greater transparency about the data they have from us and how they will use it. In a Big Data scenario, users will be able to control their data (personal or behavioral) and modify the contract as needed.

Our awareness of the importance of protecting privacy is growing, and we are demanding that tech companies have a different relationship with our personal information.

When we use these digital services, do we know what data we are sharing?

Are we aware of how these tech companies use our personal information?

How confident are you that the companies with whom you are sharing your data (personal and behavioral) are trustworthy?

For the first time, transparency seems to be more valued than ever. In recent studies, 95% of surveyed customers are asking for more information about how these companies use their data.

We need radical transparency.

We need to trust companies data ecosystem.

we need privacy and data sharing by design.

Digital industry and product design have imposed the use of Dark Patterns throughout the design of data processing systems. Currently, we are solving this problem by placing a checkbox next to a text that states «I accept and agree with everything…». However, this is clearly not enough and we must think of new designs that allow users to control their data at all times.

Digital agency GreaterThanExperience is conducting very relevant work in anticipating how these new design patterns will be applied to the construction of digital solutions for more data transparency.

Your data is yours.

You should control it.

You should derive the primary benefit from it.

Here is a product developed by GreaterThanExperience. This is a solution developed for the banking industry that makes explicit new design patterns that will allow us to have a more transparent relationship with our data.


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Posted by:Fran Castillo