It is evident why a company needs to keep track of how their customers use their products.

However, it’s not so obvious to know, what are the key events and data points you need to implement from the start.

Unifying a single data view for your customers will enable you to gain a holistic perspective on your business.

You should keep track of these three categories of events :

1.Events. What do your customers do when they’re using the product?

2.Customer lifecycle. Which lifecycle does the customer belong to?

3. Firmographic. Who is the client?

By combining these three levels of information, you can get even more value.

Listed below are some interesting key points Correlated proposes to start tracking:

Recommended Events to Track.

1. Sign Ups.

2. Log Ins.

3. Account Created.

4. Subscription Started.

5. Subscription Ended.

6. Subscription Changed.

7. Feature Usage.

Recommended Customer Lifecycle Data to Track.

8. Signup Date.

9. Plan Type.

10. Subscription Start Date.

11. Subscription End Date.

12. License Utilization.

13. Customer Status.

14. Lifecycle Milestones.

Recommended Firmographic Data to Track.

15.MRR / ARR.

16.Market Segment / Company Size.

17. Industry.

18. Contact Role / Job Title.

19. Account Owner Emails and Names.

20. Communication Activity.

What strategy does your company use to track events?

Posted by:Fran Castillo