How do you measure your Product’s User Engagement?

Do you know which leads in your pipeline are Product-Qualified?

From a sales standpoint, what is your Activation Criteria? Are you getting a list of your accounts ranked by activation? So you know who’s a product qualified lead and who’s just wasting your time.

Do you want to be more proactive in your Customer Success practice?

What product data are you using to identify which accounts and users need help and which do not?

The metric of User Engagement can and should be operationalized across an organization.

As a foundational metric that drives a SaaS business, all parts of the organization should use quantified product engagement to guide their daily decisions.

Product should use product engagement scoring to determine if their work building features is actually helping increase overall engagement.

Sales should be prioritizing their outreach to trial accounts based on the engagement level of those accounts. 

Onboarding should utilize PQL to personalize user flows and discover new features.

Customer Success should be using engagement measurement to drive upsells, save at-risk accounts and give context for all support interactions.

Design should use engagement scoring to determine the best sources for user feedback and optimize the solution or conversion.

Marketing should use engagement scoring to better target message, identify potential advocates.

In your company, how do you use product data to improve your Product-Sales-CS strategy?

Posted by:Fran Castillo