This copywriting framework has been really helpful to me in my selling process and I think you will find it useful as well.

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1. Problem or Pain.

You must begin by identifying the problem that you are solving. The most effective way to do this is to ground the problem in the client-specific context.

Which are the main challenges or pain points your customers face? Join the conversation that is already taking place in the reader’s mind.

2. Amplify.

The next step is to amplify the consequences of not solving the problem.

What will motivate people to buy your service is usually not the outcome framed. It is rather, realising the cost of not attaining that outcome.

3. Story.

Once you have described the problem & amplified the consequences of not solving it, it’s time to share the story, solution, of how you intend to solve the specific problem.

4. Transformation.

The next key step in writing your offering or proposal is to remember that whatever you’re selling is the transformation. The idea at this step is to remember that your client doesn’t want the services you’re providing; they interested in the outcomes & benefits.

The best way to demonstrate how your services can be transformative is by providing references, use cases of how you have already helped clients transform.

5. Offer.

You have defined the problem, clarified the cost of not solving it, told the story of the solution, and helped your client visualise the transformation through testimonials from others just like themselves. Now is the time to describe exactly what you are offering for sale.

6. Response.

Assume that the customer is going to buy & just give them the instructions on how to.

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