Product-led growth is not the opposite of sales-led growth.

Product-led growth is a data-driven framework.

This PLG aims to help with:

1. Getting a better understanding of how your customers are using your product.
2. Every department within your company will have a holistic view (Customer 360) of how your customers behave based on quantitative data.
3. Every department will integrate new data sources into their decision-making processes.
4. Integrate your entire tech stack to provide a single view of your customers.

The implementation of this framework will :
– Enrich your conversation with potential leads.
– Increase activation, product adoption and retention.
– Identify new expansion opportunities.
– Provide personalization to your marketing automation strategy and onboarding processes.
-Find new customers’ insights.

This implementation process is not just about which tool I should choose; it’s about how you can use DATA to expand your business.

Posted by:Fran Castillo