The implementation of a Product-Led Strategy might seem confusing at first.

But, it´s much easier when you break it down.

Here are some questions to start exploring!👇🏻

1. What´s your data acquisition strategy?
Do you capture behavioral events to understand how your customers use your product?

Check out these Customer Data Platforms:
Segment, Rudderstack, Amplitude, Freshpaint, …

They collect events from your web & mobile apps and provides a complete data toolkit to every team in your company.

2. Create a business case that might be a priority in your company, and it could bring faster value from your data.

Here are some potential business cases :

-How can you personalized journeys, on-boarding and product adoption flows for your customers, depending on the buyer persona, ICP or Customer Lifecycle?

-Which personalized in-app flows are you defining for customers who are still evaluating your product? What about your champion customers?

-How can you use customer data to identify a Health Score to improve and automate your customer success strategy?

-How can you use Product Qualified Leads (PQL) to improve your sales framework?

3. What´s your data activation strategy?
On which platform would you like to activate your data?

-In-app notifications (Appcues, UserFlow, Pendo)

-Personalization and Marketing automation (Hubspot, Salesforce)

-Lead Scoring (Hubspot, Salesforce)

-Audiences for your ADS campaign (Fb, Google).

What is your company’s approach to this Product-Led Strategy?

Are there any specific challenges or frictions you’re finding?

Posted by:Fran Castillo